HPE x QuickSilver Valved Exhaust

HPE x QuickSilver Valved Exhaust


We are delighted to offer a new valved sports exhaust system with Sound Architect active valve technology for your GR Yaris. Our system has been jointly developed with QuickSilver Exhausts to guarantee a high quality final product.


The system is manufactured to High Performance Engineering specification by QuickSilver Exhausts using high grade 304 gauge Stainless Steel with a 70mm internal diameter. All tubing is mandrel bent for optimal gas flow and minimal energy losses. Our system is installed from the OPF filter back, meaning our system meets all emission regulations and no coding is required.


The valve is controlled by QuickSilver Exhaust’s famous Sound Architect module which can be is easily be installed and stored in the boot area and is powered by the 12V socket, or your own 12V installation. The exhaust valve can then be controlled over Bluetooth to any paired smart device using QuickSilver Exhaust’s Sound Architect App (available for iOS or Android).


The system offers two distinct driving experiences. With the valve closed, gases can only pass through the resonated section on the offside rear of the car which enables the driver to have a quieter, more refined, OEM-level everyday soundtrack. With the valve then opened, the gases are sent through the non-resonated straight-through path which brings much more throaty and deeper note through the rev range with burbles and pops on occasion.


    -  Specifically tuned muffler capacity and pipe diameter to reduce undesirable frequencies throughout the rev range.


    -  Road tested thoroughly to ensure good on-road behaviour in both loud and quiet modes.


    -  High quality T304 stainless steel manufacture - 9.0Kg offering a 2.4Kg weight saving to OEM


    -  25-year corrosion guarantee


    Please see our returns and refund policy here


    Shipping available to UK and NI. EU and Worldwide shipping available through QuickSilver Exhausts distribution.

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